Litinfinite invites original and unpublished works in the following genres:

Research papers-

We publish original and unplagiarized research papers on various topics of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. Contributions should be sent to

Now onward, all articles, poems, and essays written in Bengali should have translated titles, abstracts, and author bio in English. We cannot accept submission written in Bengali without English title, author bio, and abstract due to indexing purposes.

Format of the research articles should include:

  1. Full title, with subtitle (if any). Font Book Antiqua, heading size 14 (bold), body size 12. All articles should have a single line spacing.
  2. Name, affiliation, phone number, mail i.d. of the author/authors.
  3. An abstract of about 200 words, with 5 keywords. The author/authors should follow the MLA 7th edition for citation.
  4. The author/authors should incorporate heading, subheading and illustrations in such a way that no formatting is needed afterward.
  5. Word limit is 4000-6000 words including works cited. (No article below 4000 words at least will be accepted.)
  6. The author should be careful about grammar, syntax, and typographical errors. All the research articles MUST be in English or Bengali. If there are quotations in languages other than English, then it should be accompanied by a font file and translations.
  7. We have a strict check about plagiarism policy. By submitting the articles, the author/authors certify that it is not plagiarized work and that each contribution to the work from other published or unpublished sources has been acknowledged/ cited as a reference.

Submission guideline:

  1. MLA 7th for reference.
  2. Word limit: 4000-6000 words (including citations)
  3. Font: Book Antiqua, 12
  4. Author bio: 50 words maximum
  5. Abstract: 200 words maximum
  6. Keywords: 5 maximum

Note: All papers will undergo a blind peer-review process. Plagiarism of any kind will lead to the disqualification of a paper. Acceptance mail will be sent within 20 days of the last date of submission. Papers will be selected for the print version or online version, or for both. Please check the status of your paper in the acceptance mail after the submission deadline is over.

General Section

Along with these, Litinfinite is accepting short stories, poems, book reviews, and essays in English and Bengali for its regular section.


Our aim is to publish the finest pieces of figments of imagination. Writers can send up to 2 poems at a time. Ideally, we will consider poems not longer than 22 lines. All poems should be mailed as MS-Word document to

Short stories:

We are more interested in modern short stories with a relevant twist, stories that are situational, often character-driven, and experimental and that look into the finer labyrinths of human/ animal emotions. Authors can send their short stories/ flash fiction/ microfiction at

Book reviews:

All book reviews MUST have the name of the author, year of publication, price, ISBN, number of pages as per the standard conventions maintained for any book review. It should also contain the complete details of the reviewer/ reviewers including name, an informative title, affiliation, mail i.d., phone number, and address. The font should be Times New Roman, heading 14 points (bold), body 12 font, single line spacing. The word limit for book reviews is 800 words.

Short stories: English or Bengali (1500 words maximum)

Poems: English or Bengali (Maximum 2)

Book review: 1500-2000 words, with book details including cover page, ISBN number, price, author name, publisher name, and year of publication.

Essays: 1500 words maximum.

Writers / Contributors / Researchers / Reviewers are requested to submit their write-ups without any illustration and decoration. All articles / write-ups should have the author’s details along with their contact number and email addresses. 

If you have any query regarding your submission then you can mail to our Editor-in-Chief. Our mail ID: