Litinfinite is a journal based on English Literature, Humanities and Social Science. Along with that, Litinfinite Journal publishes non-plagiarized research papers, poetry, short stories, drama, book reviews and interviews. Litinfinite Journal does not promote any commercial, religious and politically influenced content/articles. However, author(s) are free to use any political or social theory to write their research articles, but their write-ups should not be biased at any cost. Peer-review board members of the journal will evaluate the papers or write-ups before publication and if they find any discrimination, fascism and illegal content in the article/content then they can reject the paper with their own views or comments. In this case, Author(s) will be notified by any member of the editorial board of the journal.

Publication charges / fees: We do not charge any publication fees or charges. Litinfinite is an open-access journal, and there are no publication or subscription charges for the author and readers charged by the authority or editorial members. However, author(s) can mail to the editor of the journal at if they are charge any fees by any member of the journal. We will take serious actions against that member and his/her membership will be suspended by the editorial board and advisory board of the journal.

Plagiarism policy: Original and non-plagiarised content will be considered for the peer-review process of the journal and plagiarized content will be blocked and reported by the peer-review board members / editorial board members of the journal. Author(s) are requested to check the plagiarism of their write-ups or papers before submission for the publication. Peer-review or editorial board members can ask for any clarification regarding plagiarism policy to the author(s) before publication of an issue, and they can consider the respective write-ups or papers after fulfilling the publication criteria of the journal. Plagiarized articles will be rejected. Publisher of Litinfinite Journal will not remain responsible for any copyright violation or plagiarism.

Citation: Author(s) are requested to cite their resources in MLA 7TH citation style. Peer-review members of the journal can issue a note to cite some resources to the author(s) if needed, and author(s) are liable to follow the instructions issued by the editorial members of the journal.

Examination and duplication: Author(s) are requested to avoid sending papers for the publication which are already under review by any other journal/journals. If any duplication is found during the review process of an issue then the paper will be rejected. All issues of Litinfinite Journal are archived by and people can easily download our issues from our official website at free of cost.

Paper withdrawal: Once the paper has been published in our journal, author(s) cannot withdraw their paper(s). However, Author(s) can mail the editor at to withdraw their papers during the peer-review process. Author(s) cannot republish their papers in other journals and they cannot even republish their papers in other format such as CD/DVD/Digital Achieves/Book/e-book/Kindle. After three months (60days) of the publication, Author(s) can republish their papers in other journal /format, but they should cite “name of the paper:  author’s name, published in Litinfinite Journal (Vol no., issue no.) dated on date of the publication”. Any journal or book or publication house, publisher(s) or institutions can republish such papers which are already published in our journal with proper citation (according to the above format) at their own risk and Litinfinite Journal or our members are not responsible for such unethical publication practices.

Copyright: All articles and contents published in Litinfinite Journal are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. (According to the license terms, people can copy and distribute the material in any medium or format, and people can remix, transform and build upon the material. But, you cannot use the material for commercial purposes). Students, scholars or readers can access the issues of Litinfinite Journal at free of cost from our official website. After completing the peer-review process, author(s) will get an online copyright registration form via mail and they need to submit their duly filled-up forms within the deadline.  Those who are not able to submit their online copyright registration form can download the same from our website.  

Archiving: Authors and others can archive contents of the journal following the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License for academic and non-commercial purposes.

Peer-review timeline: review process for the publication in Litinfinite Journal will take maximum 60 days after the last date of submission stated in the respective call-for-papers. Litinfinite Journal issues CFP or Call-For-Papers for each issue and author(s) are requested to wait for 60 days prior submission of their papers to any other journal.

Peer-review process: papers submitted for the publication in Litinfinite Journal will be mailed to the peer-reviewers / referees for their evaluation. The names of the reviewers and referees are kept as a secret from the author(s). The reviewers or referees are requested to give their suggestions/opinions in writing which indicates that reviewers or referees have gone through the papers and properly evaluated it. We can also hire external reviewers for the papers if needed, and all papers are reviewed by two referees. Peer review processes are described in the following chart:

publication process

Compliance: if we find or receive any disputes regarding authorship/ownership of the data then our expert team along with the editorial board members will evaluate such allegations on immediate basis, and if proved then such papers are withdrawn from our digital archive / format with an appropriate note. Such author(s) will be blacklisted and they cannot publish their papers/content/write-ups in our journal in future.

Authors and contributors should note the point that the journal reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions at anytime.