“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

__William Shakespeare

Litinfinite journal presents the ideal platform for research scholars, students, faculty, and independent researchers to publish their original and non-plagiarized contents. Litinfinite champions the creative potential of individual poets and story-tellers, who can submit their slices of life through poems, interviews, micro-fiction and ruminations on various subjects. This bi-annual and bilingual (English and Bengali) journal aims to celebrate Indian and world writing, and it invites scholarly and comparative studies blending segments like arts, humanities and social sciences. It promotes new writers with talent and the creative zeal who want the right platform to publish. Litinfinite invites comments, feedback, references and suggestions from its readers. We are happy to contribute in our own way to the growth and proliferation of creativity and enthusiasm (with a bit of eccentricity).

About Litinfinite Journal

Litinfinite is a bi-annual and bilingual Single-Blind Peer-reviewed journal. We publish two issues- one in July and the other in December. It is an open-access journal that endeavours to find out some of the most intrinsic, research-oriented pieces in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It is a bilingual journal with a keen eye for variety and eclectic ideas amalgamated together. As a bilingual literature journal, Litinfinite boosts new writers, academics, researchers, poets, critics, reviewers and commentators to spread their ideas on this chequered platform. Litinfinite provides the benefit of publishing quality articles within timeline. 

However, we DO NOT promote or entertain:

Any write-ups that lead to discrimination based on caste, sex, gender and religion

Products or brand promotions about drugs, narcotics, liquors, cigarettes and other items related to substance abuse.

Mission and Vision of Litinfinite Journal (Aims and Scopes)

Although there are multiple journals for English literature, Arts and Humanities, Litinfinite has a vision to delve deeper into the mundane to find out the exclusive. We prefer original and well-researched articles and research papers that can open up new vistas in academic fields. We are in constant collaboration with authors, researchers and academicians who can utilize this platform to reach out to a large number of readers. This journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Science is a peer-reviewed one, indicating an impartial way of reviewing articles, research papers and all the pieces of creative writing. We are a bi-annual Arts and Humanities journal, and our chief aim is to gather all the innovative and intellectual minds under one banner. We always pledge for originality of thoughts and writing, hence, Litinfinite is always open to unplagiarized works.

Litinfinite Journal always publishes original pieces of writing and we do not accept writings which are already published in digital or in printed form elsewhere. Write-ups should be based on the theme of the CFP and author(s) must send their write-ups to [email protected]
We do not charge anything for publication and for subscription. Litinfinite Journal is an open-access journal which can be subscribed at free-of-cost. There is no processing, editing or publication charge.

All materials and content published in Litinfinite Journal are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. For more information please check https://www.litinfinite.com/publication-ethics-litinfinite-journal/

Authors retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work’s authorship and initial publication in this journal.

Litinfinite Journal is not responsible for any kind of copyright violation and plagiarism of the content written by author(s). We do not grant any third-party users to use our articles or content, but people can use the content for academic and non-academic purposes, but not for commercial purposes.

Litinfinite Journal is free to use and we do not charge anything for publication. It is a non-profit journal that does not endorse any royalty to the author(s) or artist(s).

Author(s) have to submit their write-ups via mail and they need to submit the papers on MS word. Please do not send in PDF or PNG format. To know more, please read the submission guideline of the journal. 

Anyone can share any material for non commercial purpose, and all contents published in Litinfinite Journal are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License for academic and non-commercial purposes.

We use Internet Archive to archive our content and author(s) can search their published articles on INTERNET ARCHIVE at no cost. Plus, all previous issues published by Litinfinite Journal are available on our official website, and anyone can read or download the papers from our previous issues at no cost.

Each article published in Litinfinite Journal has separate DOI generated by CrossRef, and author(s) can check their DOI by clicking on their DOI section. People can check their papers by entering the respective DOI of the paper(s) on CrossRef.

DOI prefix 10.47365 received from Crossref for Litinfinite Journal. To check the DOIs people can enter their DOIs on https://www.doi.org/

Litinfinite Journal does not assign or provide any DOI for the General Section of the journal. 

It is recommended to cite the paper and content published in Litinfinite Journal with the respective DOI, page no, volume, issue, and publication details. To cite a paper, you can simply visit the Cite section of the paper/content.

Litinfinite Journal can only publish the content/articles after getting the copyright approval from the author(s). Author(s) must ensure that the manuscript should be genuine research work, all the authors are aware of the submission, the contributor should take permission from the co-authors, and the copyright form should be signed by all the authors.
You can change the authorship by sending the details to the Chief Editor. You can send the mail to [email protected] in this regard. Changes will be made only if there is valid reason and new author(s) should be sign the copyright agreement again. In this case, previous copyright will be cancelled.
Any unethical practice of ghost or guest writing is strongly prohibited and we do not accept or publish such papers. Even, we do not consider such articles for editorial process.
We appreciate the author(s) or contributor(s) who have completed their Postgraduation, research scholars can also submit their manuscripts. But, Postgraduate final year students who are willing to publish their manuscript can take proper guidance and inputs from their faculty. We DO NOT accept any research paper, articles etc. from Undergraduate levels. The MINIMUM CRITERION for sending paper, articles, poems, stories etc. remains Postgraduation.
Author(s) are requested to avoid sending papers for the publication which are already under review by any other journal/journals. If any duplication is found during the review process of an issue then the paper will be rejected.
Once the paper has been published in our journal, author(s) cannot withdraw their paper(s). However, Author(s) can mail the editor at [email protected] to withdraw their papers during the peer-review process. Author(s) cannot republish their papers in other journals and they cannot even republish their papers in other format such as CD/DVD/Digital Achieves/Book/e-book/Kindle. After three months (60days) of the publication, Author(s) can republish their papers in other journal /format, but they should cite “name of the paper: author’s name, published in Litinfinite Journal (Vol no., issue no.) dated on date of the publication”. Any journal or book or publication house, publisher(s) or institutions can republish such papers which are already published in our journal with proper citation (according to the above format) at their own risk and Litinfinite Journal or our members are not responsible for such unethical publication practices.
The review process for publication in Litinfinite Journal takes maximum 60 days after the last date of submission stated in the respective call-for-papers. Litinfinite Journal issues CFP or Call-For-Papers for each issue and author(s) are requested to wait for 60 days prior submission of their papers to any other journal.

Single-blind peer review: Papers submitted for the publication in Litinfinite Journal will be mailed to the peer-reviewers / referees for their evaluation. The names of the reviewers and referees are kept as a secret from the author(s). The reviewers or referees are requested to give their suggestions/opinions in writing which indicates that reviewers or referees have gone through the papers and properly evaluated it. We can also hire external reviewers for the papers if needed, and all papers are reviewed by two referees. To know more, please visit Publication Ethics of the journal.